Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm

Award Winning and Paediatrician Approved

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Understanding Bedwetting

Bedwetting is the inability of children to rouse from their sleep if they need to wee overnight.

Here are some common clinic terms you may have heard before;

  • Nocturnal Enuresis describes bedwetting in a child over the age of 6.5 years
  • Primary Nocturnal Enuresis describes a child who has never been dry at night ( or wet more often than not).
  • Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis describes a child who has had a 6 month or more period of dry nights and begins wetting the bed again.

You’re not alone

Due to the stigma, embarrassment and lack of true understanding of what bedwetting is and how to seek a supported and trusted solution, the true numbers are well over double of what is currently being reported. Over 40,000 searches on the internet were conducted in the USA in just one month.

Bedwetting is common and we have the natural sustainable solution.

Understanding that you’re not alone is the first step. We appreciate that it provides immediate relief for families and it’s here where you can look forward to working towards helping your child stop bedwetting.

Treatment for bedwetting

The mat & alarm  is the no.1 bedwetting solution. It is a proven, evidence based conditioning treatment recommended by health professionals across the globe. While there are many alternatives the alarm and mat is non intrusive and provides extra vibration stimulus and loud tones to disrupt the child’s pattern.  We are creating new behaviors. Reconditioning the brain body connection.

When the children wet themselves on the mat overnight in their sleep, the alarm sounds, the child is woken from their sleep by the parent ( most children  can not wake themselves in the beginning) and head to the bathroom. At first the child may have finished most of it in the bed, but you will see over a short amount of time that the patches of urine become smaller in the bed as the child is able to rouse from their sleep, and stop themselves from weeing. After a few short weeks, most children are able to sleep all night, with some having to get up overnight.

Understanding the process, supporting and being supported along with timing and having a motivated child ready to stop bedwetting is paramount to the sustainable success.

Causes of Bedwetting

Families can often drive themselves crazy trying to find a reason for their child’s bed wetting ( nocturnal enuresis) other than bedwetting is a sleep problem, that is a problem with the child not being able to rouse from their sleep if they need to wee during the night. 


  • Is NOT a psychological problem.(something wrong with the child)

  • Is NOT an environmental problem.( bedroom too cold, moving house)

  • Is NOT their fault nor yours, although some families have a genetic disposition to bedwetting.( your marriage broke down)

  • Is NOT a direct result of drinking too much water before bed.( they should be able to wake up if they need a wee)

The cause and effect will come up in conversation, parents desperately wanting to “blame” or find an excuse and then they will be able to solve the problem of bedwetting. These excuses vary greatly, but are all incorrect in trying to solve the bedwetting problem.

Stress is one of the most asked questions as to the cause of bedwetting.When people are stressed, the stressors of the day will either send them into a deep sleep or they may have trouble falling asleep. If the child is prone to wetting, they will wet the bed. Research shows that when successfully treated, anxiety in children is greatly reduced. Parents will blame their separation, while this is hard and stress for all, it is not a cause for bedwetting.Unfortunately many families go through this and not all the children from divorced parents are wetting.

Bedwetting is due to the inability to rouse from sleep. Parents report their child is a “deep sleeper”. While this is true, the fact is we all sleep the same, it’s the rousing from sleep that is the problem when a child or teenager needs to wake overnight.

Bedwetting can be an inherited trait.There is a 40% chance of a child wetting the bed and an 80%  chance if both parents wet the bed as children.

It is true that more boys wet the bed than girls with the statistic being 3 boys  -1 girls

On rare occasions children may find they wet the bed more often in times of increased stress within the family such as a new baby, parental separation etc.

Common Bedwetting Myths

  • It Is not an emotional disorder, most children are healthy happy well adjusted children in all aspect of their lives 

  • It is not your fault, blame of yourself or others is not the cause

  • It is not your child being lazy, children do not want to wake up cold, wet and smelly

  • It is not a medical problem, it’s a sleep/rouse problem. If you suspect a medical problem with your child seek medical advice.

  • It is not due to stress. When we experience increased stressors in our lives, we can often either lie awake all night with worry or fall into a deep sleep due to the troubles of the day.

  • There is no magic pill.All medications have side effects. No medications are curative. Success if any, is often temporary, and may only last while medications are being taken.

  • It is not because the children had a drink of water before bed.

Health & Wellbeing

Children should be encouraged to drink to thirst at all times. It is never helpful to limit drinks leading up to bedtime. All children should be able to drink a big glass of water before bed or take a water bottle for bedside the bed and get up to the toilet, or hold on in their sleep. Limiting drinks often leads to unnecessary conflict in the home and may encourage dishonesty as your child will hide and sneak drinks when you are not looking. Ultimately, we want to retain and or gain an open, honest and ongoing relationship with our children.

Night Ollie is the solution to stop bedwetting at night. Our focus is to help children to regain confidence and build a higher self esteem .

Are we ready to use an alarm?

Do you suspect any of the following….

Is your child wetting their underwear during the day?

Is constipation an issue?

Is your child snoring at night?

For detailed information click here.

Bedwetting Support

You and your child are our priority. It’s our intention to have happy and free families from bedwetting.  Our years of experience have proven that our support makes a difference.

When you purchase the Nightollie alarm you can immediately elevate the emotional costs, financial costs and time involved with bedwetting. 

You are not purchasing just a product, you are giving back to your families wellbeing, emotional and financial freedom. 

You are fully supported with our online consultation and educational service to ensure your child’s success. In addition you can access our free educational portal, power to me and dairy  that gives you the step by step process for progress and success. 

It’s all the reassurance you need as a parent.

Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm

Award Winning and Paediatrician Approved

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