Say Good Morning To Dry Nights

Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm

Award Winning and Paediatrician Approved

We Understand Bedwetting

Bedwetting is the inability of children to rouse from their sleep if they need to wee overnight.

Here are some common clinical terms you may have heard before:
– Nocturnal Enuresis describes bedwetting in a child over the age of 6.5 years
– Primary Nocturnal Enuresis describes a child who has never been dry at night ( or wet more often than not). 
– Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis describes a child who has had a 6 month or more period of dry nights and begins wetting the bed again.

Due to the stigma, embarrassment and lack of true understanding of what bedwetting is and how to seek a supported and trusted solution, the true numbers are well over double of what is currently being reported. Over 40,000 searches on the internet were conducted in the USA in just one month.

Bedwetting is common and we have the natural sustainable solution. Understanding that you’re not alone is the first step. We appreciate that it provides immediate relief for families and it’s here where you can look forward to working towards helping your child stop bedwetting.

How it Works

The response to turn the alarm off encourages holding overnight.

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4 Easy steps to use the Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm

Step 1 : Place the mat on the bed.

Step 2 : Connect the alarm to the mat and cover the mat with a thin cotton sheet.

Step 3 : Position the alarm away from the child’s reach to encourage the child to get of bed and turn the alarm off.

Step 4 : When urine hits the mat, the alarm will activate

And your child will rouse from sleep to go to the bathroom.

Bedwetting Alarm Features

Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm

Award Winning and Paediatrician Approved

*Nightollie is not an NDIS approved registered provider. Managed or self-managed NDIS clients can purchase Nightollie bedwetting alarm products from our website and submit your invoice to be reimbursed under the NDIS scheme.



Stops bedwetting in weeks


Improve child's self steem


Elevates child's confidence


Provides freedom for families


More sleep for parents

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Our mission at Night Ollie is to educate and raise global awareness about bedwetting at night to help free families who are silently suffering and boost the confidence of each child.


Compassion. Support. Education. Confidence. Happiness. Trust

Night Ollie is

  • Committed to the health and wellbeing of children
  • Passionate to the growth and freedom of families
  • Trusted and a proven method in the treatment of bedwetting
  • Empowering families to take action and build the child’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Educating to building global awareness
  • Experienced in bedwetting for over 30 years